Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Time To Get it On

Money vs. Pacman: Let’s Get it On

Video: He's going to fight me? He's going to fight me?

For the longest time, this boxing mega fight has been put on hold. One group blames Bob Arum, another blames Manny and the rest blames Mayweather. Excuse after excuse, demand after demand, ... whatever the real hold up is, the fans just aren't buying any of it anymore.

In fact,  many boxing fans are already fed up that some of them have already given up on ever seeing these two boxing legends go toe-to-toe -- inside the boxing ring that is.

Several have altogether lost interest in this mega boxing event whatever the reason is.  Some are upset that with the protracted delay, even if they do decide to fight today both fighters are already past their prime.

Pacman: Over the Hill

This is particularly true of Manny Pacquiao who relies more on his speed and power to overwhelm his opponents. And besides, Manny have suffered a devastating knockout from his arch-nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012. These and father time aren't really helping keep the enthusiasm that was once on an all time high for this fight.

Manny also has moved on to bigger and better things and really at this point in his boxing career has nothing more to prove or he may have already lost his killer’s instinct. If he does get a crack at Floyd, it would be more like about the money or at least more about the biggest pay day of his career. The only other viable reason is just to personally test how he will actually fair against Mayweather’s vaunted defense, boxing IQ and counter punching and to reward his loyal fans with one last hurrah.

Money: More To Lose

Floyd on the other hand has the most to lose with this fight and of course he is also protecting his unblemished record above everything else. Not even the constant criticism of being a cherry picker and he being scared of Manny could make him do this fight. Yes, not even the big payday, well at least not yet.

With Floyd’s legal issues notwithstanding, every time he climbs the ring, he makes his opponents look bad. So, I’m not sure why he keeps on “dodging” this fight, other than money, money and more money. Logically though if they fought each other when they were suppose to, they would probably be on their fifth rematch,  so yes they would have made more money between them than any other athlete in history. 

Boxing Legacy

Of course, Floyd can retire right now and retire unbeaten, he can fight a few more fighters and still retire unbeaten, but what the boxing world will only remember about him is the one person he didn’t face. No unbeaten record will hide that fact and it will haunt him until his demise and tarnish his legacy even after that.

Somebody has to remind Money that the only real black eye to his reputation is for him to fail to fight Manny Pacquiao. And in the end he has more to lose not squaring off with Manny.

What’s Keeping Us From Watching The Mega Fight?

Manny, at least from the outside or as we can see as of late is ready for this fight. 

And the world has no interest on him fighting Marquez again or no one really wants to see him fight some other young upstart or no name fighter who could surprise him with a lucky punch because of his devil-may-care fighting style or his natural inclination to give the fans what they want to see.

What The Boxing Fans Want

The world simply wants to see Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. go up against Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao! 

It’s just that plain and simple.

And they want it right now or sooner than later!

No true boxing fan can really wait for this to happen:

Money and Manny, you owe your fans this fight now and not when no one's interested to watch it anymore.

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